Monday, July 18, 2016

I need to let go of what I think is right and wrong for other people. ISFJs are great at helping others because they have a good idea of how to improve people’s lives. But this blessing can become a curse when they think they know what’s best and they actually don’t. “If I were him, I would have…Therefore, he shouldn’t have…” is the common internal dialogue of the ISFJ who isn’t holding off the judgements and focusing on understanding the situation and feelings of the person in front of them.

Pretty good explanation of one of my shortcomings that I never even realized I had until just a few years ago (unsurprisingly, since I had very little experience with real interpersonal relationships growing up).  This other excerpt probably sums it up, really:

Despite being loyal, sincere and caring in really practical ways, I realized that I really lack empathy sometimes. You’d think “caring” people are also empathetic, but they aren’t.

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