Thursday, June 9, 2016

Take me away...take me back to the days of the SNES, to the days of simplicity, to the days of "Timm[ie]".  Heck, take me back to the days of Marching Band.  I often say nowadays that an experience like that isn't even worth it anymore for me -- that I lean more towards living comfortably rather than stressing out for the sake of a great experience (somewhat...I think I'm still a bit of a masochist though), but heck, I'll take Marching Band too.  Just take me away from this present.

I guess it's not "=bad=", but it ain't great either.  Can I just run away to the past?  I really miss everyone.  Really miss a lot of things.  I really can't deal with this sometimes.  It gets harder and harder as life teaches me time and time again that some things may never come back to you.

I'd like my life back.

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