Saturday, September 5, 2015

Awesomeeee FNW

Wow!  Just, wow!  That was probably the best FNW I've had in =years=!  It was so made me nostalgic for the time of yesteryear (2011-2012) when the G man would pick up me, Kaitlin, and Claire and drive us all to FNW every week, and we'd head to tapex afterwards every time, with gman always asking whether they still had rice or not....bahahaha...

Anyways, yeah!  Such a good night.  A good group of people, some really excellent songs...this is the hardest I've danced in such a long time, with maybe the possible exception of that WCS thing I went to a while back (hah, that was good too, but in a different way, yeah).  Got to dance with Merry, Paul, Bob, Selina, Richard, Diana, Stefan...a whole bunch of people!

And omg, I almost thought I would start crying.  Richard played Jason Walker - Echo, and I started up a waltz with Merry.  Ahhhhhmyyyggawwwdddd, I danced my heart out to that song, and Merry you were amazing!!!  That was probably the second time we've ever waltzed together (?) but I know you're such an experienced, you were right there following it as I danced it all out, to the music like I knew it by heart, because I did.  Did you know that I once thought about making a Deca choreo to that song?  Well, I don't have to anymore, because that dance that I did tonight was everything I could have asked for.  It was amazing, that was probably one of the best dances I've ever led, ever ever ever.  Catching and slowing down every time after the chorus section ended....ahhhh!  I even ended in a waltz dip, which if you know me, I never do!  Ahhhh!!!  Holy crap, was like having a dream fulfilled....always wanted to dance that song like that, seriously.

Had some other dances that were really awesome, too!  Including a cross-step that was super awesome, super awesome, yes!  Had a nice waltz with Joachim too, and we did BNP together, whee!

At the end of the night I also discovered that Selina is "the chosen one" because I was doing this trixy grapevine outside free spin where I sweep right across the follow's line of sight as they're spinning and what happens is they keep on spinning an extra time to meet me in another grapevine.  BUT!  Out of all of the times I've led this on many different people, Selina is the only one who has ever not reacted that way!  It usually catches people a little off guard (that's why it's trixy!), but without fail they always just do the extra turn.  But Selina actually stopped herself with a sort of self-grapevine...she's literally the only person who does it!  We even tested it on like 3 follows and even a lead who was there and the results were clear--Selina is..."the chosen one", lol. xD  I was having a bit of a mindblown moment there, hahaha.

Later on when we were at tapex I got into reminiscing a bit and I realized that I've been dancing for 6 long!  I'm an old-timer now, a veteran, for sure!  Had some nice conversation, and had fun talking with Selina while driving her back too!  Man,, it's been a long time since FNW has been like this...nights like these feel like my reason for dancing....really....gah!  Thanks so much to everyone for tonight's awesomeness. :)

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