Monday, May 4, 2015

Got hit by a wave of exhaustion today...both in the morning as I was attempting to get up, and later in the evening when I decided to take a nap before dinner.  I don't think it's lack of sleep...I might have just come down with something.  We'll see how I'm feeling tomorrow, I guess.  If I'm not feeling up to snuff, I'll just skip the WCS dance.  So...that would -sort of- suck, but surprisingly, I'm actually being realistic/pragmatic this time and I realize that it wouldn't actually be that big of a deal and I should just be ready to skip it.  I think I usually have this sense that my weekly activities are just things that I shouldn't skip, and I really like committing to things, but I have to remember that if I'm not actually gaining from it in the end I just shouldn't do it.  My life bucket is running pretty full nowadays anyways, so I definitely could stand to let some things go.  It would actually probably be nice to find something to let go more permanently, but I don't really know what that would be yet.  I've already "sort of" ditched OHC (but not truly).  Unfortunately monday WCS is an addition...I'm still doing FNW, and MtG on wednesdays...bleh.

Watched deca perform today!  Was great seeing their new choreo, Sam did a good job on it!  And ahh, she was leading in some of the pieces today!  Mad props~  I think it was one of their weaker performances; I've seen them do better so here's hoping for an awesome performance this Friday at Little Big Dance!

I wrote last time around that I broke my streak of doing bad in MtG but then promptly proceeded to go 0-3 in Wednesday's draft, ugh.  That was pretty terrible.  I guess I still don't understand the format.  Come to think of it, back in the days of RtR and gatecrash I would do tons of practice simulated drafts online with bots and such...I mean that's not really a real simulation since the bots suck at drafting, but at least I was getting good practice of trying to evaluate cards, trying to get decks to come together, and on occasion I'd come across a pick and cross-reference some pick order articles to see what the general consensus was.  I haven't really been doing that lately, so maybe I should?

Today was a pretty good day, actually, all things considered.  Stopped by castro street for the festival (and to go watch Deca) and while I was there I went in and finished up painting my Journey tapestry-inspired ceramic plate, so I'll be able to pick that up next weekend--hope it comes out well!  I was initially planning on accomplishing more today but again, the whole fatigue thing hit me, so eh.

The cosplay progress has been going pretty well actually!  I now have connected the top and bottom pieces and it has sleeves (which I re-tweaked a bunch and am now happy with finally).  Today I was planning on starting to attach toggle buttons so that you can actually button it up and have it finally be "real" (albeit plain and undecorated) clothing, but unfortunately I didn't get to that.  But I don't actually feel that bad about it--there are only so many hours in a day, and I think I did ok.  I actually spent the last 3 hours or so on writing, which was really nice.  Sadly, I still haven't written anything in my diary for....quite a long time.  But writing is good nonetheless.

My new monitor speakers came in!  Had to go on a quest on Saturday to find the right cables for em, but they are now hooked up and working well!  One problem is that I'm getting some nasty ground noise so I've ordered a USB isolator in hopes that it will solve that issue.  The speakers are huuuuge!  They are about the same volume as my desktop computer....=each=!  It actually took some getting used to just having both of them on either side of my monitor...they are definitely massive.  I might end up rethinking how I organize my desk, but...that won't happen until after the cosplay project is all done, since I have the sewing machine and a bunch of sewing crap on there as well right now (not to mention fabric and materials all over the floor.'s going to be a while until my place is clean again)

I've been playing "neko atsume" recently, hehe, it's fun!  I also started playing Attack the Light, the Steven Universe RPG, and have found it actually pretty fun recently!  My only worry is that I don't really know what I want to do with their level-up bonuses, I feel like I should be min-maxing them but I don't know how, hahaha...

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