Thursday, February 26, 2015

Don't give up...don't ever give up.  And don't ever forget.

Everyone loses touch with their roots as they grow up.  Even me.  But never give up, anyways.  Keep trying.  In the end, nothing of what we do will matter and we are all destined to return to the dust from which we came.  But still, try, for it gives meaning to life.  Accept the fact that the past will never return, but commemorate it, remember it, and realize how important it is.


I woke up yesterday from an oddly sad dream that left me in a sad mood...I was actually a little down for a good part of the day, I don't know if it was from that, or just general blues.  It wasn't a bad day or anything, just had a...forlorn?  A forlorn mood.

Work has been alright.  I had a nicely invigorating discussion with a coworker from another team that left me feeling useful and validated, so that was nice.  I also had a massage, yay.  Ah, speaking of massages....I can still feel the tension in my shoulders, haha.  xD

A very close friend of mine told me a secret yesterday that was a rather big first I didn't know how to react at all.  But it's really quite nice after I thought about it!  I really care about them, I think they are just...a wonderful person, and a wonderful friend.  I think hearing it made me realize and think about how thankful I am that they are my friend.

Still been playing SFIII:3rd strike with the guys at work.  Been playing more Makoto than anything else, which has been really fun, since I'm finally "getting it" in terms of how to get in there and do damage.  Still not landing karakusas though, so I still need to work on that.  I haven't been playing Chun as much just because...apparently my Chun kicks around everyone's butt since I can hit-confirm back+fierce into super and then they just die...haha.  I tried working on cr. forward into super in training mode but I can't for the life of me hit-confirm that one, there's just not enough time (19 or 24 frames...).  I guess my reactions are just not that good in 3rd strike--I also have a lot of problems blocking wrong and playing wakeup games =(  So I need to work on that.  For now cr. forward into super will have to be for counterpoking and punishing.  Still can't get makoto's karakusa->stand fierce->super either, it's hard to get everything right.  Still working on the SA2 followups too, bleh (the easy ones).  Just gotta practice everything, I guess.  The guys at work do a bunch of punishable stuff, I just haven't learned to deal with it the right way yet.

I've been playing Don't Starve (well, technically the Don't Starve Together Beta) recently, it's pretty fun!  Someday me and my friend will get together and maybe just do an endless world and do a bunch of exploration and really get things going.  My last run had me dying in early winter to a random ghost after getting low on health on the way back to my base.

I'm working on my first music commission today!  This is the first time I've actually been doing commission work for someone on their game--I'm just using OHC time for it, which is nice because it's timeboxed and forces me to be efficient.  At some point I need to figure out good guidelines for terms and pricing for licensing and post it somewhere that I can point people to, but for this time we're just kind of figuring it out as we's working out really nicely since the guy is really reasonable and easy to work with.  I'll be livestreaming at at 6PM PST 9PM EST if you want to tune in.  Hopefully I can come up with something decent!

VBall is tomorrow!  I'm pretty excited...I actually have thought an unreasonable amount about the cross step waltz competition, hah... -_-;  I wanted to pull off some fancy moves in it but I haven't had the chance to figure them out so I don't think that will happen.  Sigh, I'm horrible lol.  I'll be wearing my red and white shrine maiden outfit again, didn't have any time or effort to make anything new, whatever!  I should double-check it tonight to make sure I don't have to sew up any seams or anything...

Visited Deca on Tuesday!  They are doing okay, I know it's not the same as before.  You know, because I'm not there anymore of all the old fogies leaving and everything.  But it was nice!  Looking forward to seeing them perform tomorrow...wishing them a good performance.

By the way, is my new jam at the moment I think.  Virt, you are amazing and you rock.

It's been a while since just doing a dump of what is going's nice, I think...

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