Thursday, May 22, 2014

Fanime Day 0

Well, that was quick.

Here we are at Fanime again, before I even realized it.  It really sneaked (snuck?) up on me this year, it seems like.  Maybe it's because I'm just being busy occupied by work, Decadance, Ludum Dare, and everything like that, that it surprised me when all of a sudden memorial day weekend rolled around.  I even forgot to ask for Friday off until this week! xD

I was actually in a bit of busy-busy mode before leaving for Fanime...I had been doing a bunch of different things at work, barely wrapping up around 5PM or so, at which point I had to borrow a hard drive enclosure, drop by my house, drop if off, head back home, and do OHC (which turned out alright actually).  After that I warmed up some leftovers, ate while OHC listening party was going on, and got ready to go after getting a message from my friend Shindeh, who was over there already.

I can't say much happened today, really.  Russell was picking up my badge, so really all I was planning to do was stop by, check out the swap meet to buy any cute cheap things that I saw (like stationery and such), and maybe stop by the gaming room as well to see if anyone I knew was around.  Apparently linecon was non-existent this year, and badge pickup was EXTREMELY fast compared to...well, how it is normally, which is quite horrendous.  Sure enough, the first thing I noticed after parking and walking into the convention center was the long winding maze of caution tape.....and nobody actually standing there waiting in it.  GG linecon, GG.

I was trying to find Shindeh when Russell and Kyou (who later remarked that I'm apparently quite easy to spot from far away?) called out to me and I said hi to them, got my badge, and sat with them for a bit.  Some photographer asked to shoot some photos of Kyou and...of me?  Which was a bit surprising, since I wasn't actually in real cosplay--I was just wearing my sailor fuku top with long sleeves and long skirt, as a sort of..."dress down cosplay" I guess you could call it?  But whatever.  We had a somewhat amusing conversation where I mentioned I was going to wear a miko outfit tomorrow and he totally misheard me as saying "Miku" which led to some confusion.  I guess it's really interesting since a year or two ago this would already seem like a big deal to be wearing and I'd treat it as a "costume", but nowadays...I've definitely worn this to like, Deca rehearsal and everything.  *shrug*

I didn't end up meeting with Shindeh, and I didn't see Alex in the gaming room either.  Looking outside, apparently linecon was actually at the Swap Meet:

And that line of people turned the corner of the building and went alllllll the way down to the next street over.  Sheesh.  I went down the line of people seeing if perchance Shindeh was there (nope, though I did wave hi to MingSum who was!), then walked back.  Yeah, waiting that long wasn't going to be worth it.  I wish they would just keep swap meet in the convention center *like they did last year* which I guess gives them less space supposedly (?) but makes it so much easier to, you know, actually go and get in.  Well whatever.  Missing out on a year of swap meet isn't too bad given that I'm spending a lot more money on important stuff in life like, you know, groceries, gas, and rent (not to mention my new desktop and all), so it's okay.  I'll see if linecon is still there tomorrow (my prediction is that it will be) and if so, meh.  The only regret I'd have (just like two years ago when the *same* thing happened) is not being able to buy Little Twin Stars stuff because that one lady (or her delegates?) seem to be there every year...*grumble grumble*

Walking down the halls made me really quite nostalgic, reminding me of Fanime from last year.  So much happened during that weekend...I can even remember specific spots in the halls where we sat down, or where I was walking when I first saw Merida, haha.  I really don't know how it all will turn out this year, but I'm at least thankful that I ran into Russell and Kyou otherwise I would have just drove down there and spent a few bucks on parking for no good reason. 9_9

Haven't decided what exactly I'm going to do tomorrow, besides try and meet up with a few people, go through the usual places, and all.  There's no real interesting events or meetups going on, so I've basically got  the day free.  Which maybe is how it should be; let's just do our best and welcome the unexpected?  Yeah, I should try my best~  Not sure whether I'll go to FNW either; I think it'll just depend on what I'm doing at the time.

As it is now, I'm happy to be home, early, with the chance to just rest for the night.

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