Monday, March 3, 2014

"What triggered the anomalous behavior that Nagato cannot understand?  What exactly was the error data that she's been accumulating?  It was the most basic of things.  Even for an AI that shouldn't stray from its program parameters, or a robot, given enough time, it's natural for that to develop."

Sometimes, despair swirls so thick that you lose track of the goal that shined so brightly in the beginning.  And even as you continue to march toward it, you lose all hope, and begin to believe that you will never make it.

My favorite place in Journey is the small room in the snow level with the lantern in the middle of it.  You can activate the lantern, and it provides warmth, and a small red glow, recharging your scarf in an area where normally it quickly depletes due to the cold air.  It's the last area of respite before the areas leading into the fateful death march.  It's a peaceful place.  To me, being in that place makes me happy, even though it's surrounded by such sadness.

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